Go to the  the classroom and make a copy of the evaluation. It is forbidden and dishonest to view or copy the evaluations for courses you have not completed.

Follow the instructions for taking the evaluation. Most quarters allow at least two weeks to complete the evaluations.   General rules for taking evaluations are the same for all courses.  You may study your notes up to the very time you look at the evaluation. Once you have seen the evaluation, no class notes,  personal notes, study helps, or Bibles can be open.  You will have until the first day of lectures for the next quarter to take the evaluation and submit your scores.  All evaluations must be taken, graded, and reported by the first day of the next quarter.  Grades will be received later in the case of computer problems, health, and other reasons beyond the student’s control.

Grade and submit your score for the evaluation. When you are satisfied with your answers, report to the Classroom the following week. You must then go through the grading process. Remember, no changes can be made to the evaluation once you begin the grading process. 

An answer key will be posted the week after the evaluation is given. DO NOT make a copy of the grading key. It is forbidden and dishonest to view or copy the grading keys for courses you have not completed.

Follow the instructions on the key to grade your evaluation.

Submit your score for the evaluation following the same format given in the Basic Registration instructions. Above all else: Be Honest.  Bible knowledge is a tool, and tools acquired dishonestly can never do a God honoring service.


Johnson, Raymond D.

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Winter-2011: BD-102-93% / PR-103-87%/ BI-102- 96%

You will receive an official grade report and the classroom code for the next quarter. A record will be kept on a personal student transcript as you progress toward your diploma.

Taking Evaluations

Read Completely Before Reporting To Take the Evaluation

After the final lecture, study your notes paying special attention to the marked material. Do not merely memorize the words in the blanks because the question may be worded differently.  Study prayerfully.  When you feel ready to take the evaluation, put away all notes and study helps and go to the Course Classroom and click on Evaluations.

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