Why is the classroom entry code not given until the end of each quarter? There would be no reason to access the classrooms in the middle of a preceding quarter because lectures have already been missed. 

When will I receive the classroom entry code?  You will receive your first code when you register and the code for the next quarter each time you submit your evaluation scores. 

How do I obtain the code for the present quarter should I lose it? You simply submit an email note request including your name and student ID number.

Preparing for Classes

Do all of the preparation work for the class before the day of the first lecture. Once lectures begin, all course information and student notes will be removed.   The student handout, introduction, and lecture schedule will not be posted once lectures begin.

You will be given a classroom entry code when you register for the first time.  Without this code, you will not be able to access the classrooms. Once you have been approved and  registered , you are an active student.  This means that you only have to register one time.

You DO NOT have to register for the courses you wish to take during future quarters. Once registered, your record is updated by the scores you submit at the end of each quarter, and you will receive the classroom code for the next quarter.

Make sure you have gone to the course information page by clicking on the course name in the schedule given in the Selecting Courses section.  Be sure that you have clicked on the Course icon button to obtain the notes and assignments for the course.

Copy and print a personal copy of Course Introduction and Student handout Notes.  Again, we cannot over emphasize the importance of having a copy of these notes before attending classes.  These notes will be replaced on the Saturday before classes begin.

Do any pre-lecture assignments on the Introduction page.

Taking Classes

Report to the classroom sometime during the week when the lecture is posted. Enter the classroom by using the classroom entry code for the current quarter. You have one week (Monday through Sunday, U. S. EST) to visit the classroom.  After a week, the lecture is removed; and the next lecture is posted.

Fill in the blanks on the student handout sheets as you read the lecture.

Do any assignments before coming to class the following week.

The Student notes are for your personal use in preparing for the evaluation to be given at the end of the course. You DO NOT have to send a copy of your notes to us. Simply keep your copy and continue to fill in the blanks as the lectures are posted.

Continually review all marked (*) material in preparation for the evaluation.  This will help you avoid last minute “cramming” for the evaluation.

If you study the marked material, you will be prepared for the evaluation.

3)  When you see “Evaluation Next Session” at the end of a lecture, the course material is complete. The evaluations will be posted the next week.

Preparing For

And Starting Classes

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